Twinsen is back !

Twinsen (by Horadrim)
Twinsen (by Horadrim)




 What is it all about ?


It's a game by Adeline Software developed in 1994 (with an even better sequel in 1997) that takes place on the planet Twinsun (Model and background from the Magicball-Forum)



A lot of folks is involved (click to enlarge):

LBA people
LBA folks



But our hero is Twinsen, a quetch (Model by Jasiek) - spin Twinsen to see him in action !

Nowadays, several Fan-Projects are under development, e.g. the Little Script Adventure (LSA) founded by David  (Model: "citadel_nearpharmacy" and seagull).

Some Twinsen animations (made by Horadrim) were transferred to iClone-, DAZ-, Game- and Makehuman characters. Video made in iClone 5 Pro using Toonshader.

Thanks to 3DXChange 5Pro Twinsen is now able to adapt also to other motions:

(Model: Imperial Hotel [Otringal] extracted with the Perspective Map Viewer).

Character from Arteria, LSA (see above) and iClone - Video in iClone 5 Pro.

  More informations concerning LBA in Wikipedia: here (German) or here (English) or in the Links above.


All GIF-Animations by ChaosFish.